AquaQuick SolarPRO Bypass Kit

AquaQuick SolarPRO Bypass Kit

Use the SolarPRO Bypass Kit for connecting two or more SolarPRO heaters, or for enhancing water flow to your pool. The SolarPRO Bypass Kit protects your plumbing and equipment from added pressure by allowing the water in the solar heaters to move slower and letting it collect more heat. The SolarPRO Bypass Kit will also help you bypass the solar heaters at night for an improved water flow to your pool to keep it warmer.

The SolarPRO Bypass Kit comes complete with a 2-way valve, T-fitting, and all necessary fittings required for installation.

The SolarPRO Bypass Kit no longer includes a hose.


AquaQuick SolarPRO Bypass Kit
Manufacturer#: 4565
Item#: S8206



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    • For use with GAME SolarPRO XD1 & XD2 Heaters only
    • Required for connecting two or more SolarPRO heaters
    • Required for in ground pools
    • Required for 1 HP pumps or greater
    • Enhances water flow
    • Easy installation
    • 90 Day Full Replacement Warranty 

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