Aquarian 300 Pool

If you are looking for an aboveground pool that offers the maximum in style, beauty, durability and value, look no further than The Aquarian 300 Aboveground Pool. The Aquarian 300 Aboveground Pool features 52 in. wall with an attractive Tuscan pattern, wide mouth skimmer cut out, color coordinated Khaki posts and top ledges, extruded 7-inch weather and corrosion resistant resin ledges that will not bend overtime, 6-inch steel upright posts with interlocking resin caps and resin foot collars. 

The Absolute 300 Aboveground Pool's galvanized steel frame components are treated with a polyester paint finish and “Krystal Kote” sealant for ultimate durability, and its heavy- duty tracks, oversized connectors, and oversized fasteners add strength so you will enjoy your pool for years.
The Absolute 300 Aboveground can be easily installed as a “do-it-yourself” project and includes 25 Year Warranty (3 Years Full on Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Components).



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    • 52” Steel wall with Tuscan pattern
    • 7 in. Extruded High Impact Khaki Resin Ledge
    • 6 in. Steel Top Track
    • 6 in. Injection Molded High Impact Resin Top Connector
    • 2-Piece Injection Molded High Impact Resin Cap
    • 6 in. steel Post
    • Khaki Polyester Base Paint plus Clear Krystal Kote
    • Weather Resistant Polyester Base Exterior Paint 
    • Corrosion Resistant primer plus Polyester Base Interior Paint
    • 1-piece Injection Molded Resin Foot Collar/Bottom Connector Combination
    • 6 in. Extruded High Impact Resin Bottom track
    • Liner coping strips not included
    • 25 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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