Astral PVC Butterfly Valves for Comercial Pools

Astral PVC Butterfly Valves for Commercial Pools

ASTRALPOOL PVC Butterfly Valves are an industrial strength valve that have been marked as one of the highest quality valves in the industry. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of PVC valves and fittings, ASTRALPOOL is committed to quality. Their commitment has gained them the ISO 9002 standard as well as the AENOR award for quality fluid conduction products.

All ASTRALPOOL Butterfly Valves are constructed entirely of injection molded PVC and offer a spring locking trigger handle made of injection-molded aluminum. This product also features built in self-seating gaskets, a double O-ring on a PVC coated zinc plated shaft. The valve body can be completely dismantled and every component replaced.

Astral PVC Butterfly Valves for Comercial Pools
Manufacturer#: 2586
Item#: 2586
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