Auto Reel

The Auto Reel uses the power of water to roll up your solar blanket in less than 1 minute and eliminates the need for you to bend and crank it manually.

The Auto Reel features a telescoping tube set with rib-lock design; wide track bearings for easy turning; and uses approximately 8 gallons of water that goes into your pool so you are not wasting water. The Auto Reel is very easy to use- all you need to do is simply attach it to your garden and drop the discharge hose in the pool. Then use the included hardware kit to attach your solar cover to the reel and with a flip of the switch, your solar cover will roll automatically and neatly while you relax and enjoy.

The Auto Reel works for in-ground and above-ground pools with full decking, will fit almost any shaped pool, and its Auto End is compatible with other FeherGuard In-ground reels.


Auto Reel up to 16 ft.
Item#: S6483
No Longer Available
Auto Reel up to 18 ft.
Item#: S6484
No Longer Available
Auto Reel up to 20 ft.
Item#: S6486
No Longer Available

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