AV 1500 Weight and Float Parts

AV 1500 Weight and Float Parts

AquaVac Swimming Pool Cleaner Weight and Floats Parts

    No. Mfr. No. Item. No. Description Price Qty:
    1 RCX6 ZHAY5169 AquaVac Aqua Queen 20 Inch Orange Float With 2 Foot Rope  More Info > $33.67
    2 RCX7 ZHAY5170 AquaVac 30 Inch Float With 2 Foot Rope  More Info > $48.02
    3 RCX1303W --- Aqua Vac Weight - Hood Queen / Vinyl Queen / Prince / 1500 NLA No Longer Available
    4 RCXP3115 --- Discontinued - Prince Slide with Weight NLA No Longer Available
    5 RCX3208W ZHAY5134 AquaVac King / Commander Sensor Bar Lead Weight  More Info > $60.55
    6 RCX1726AB --- Aquavac Sensor Bar Weight for Aquavac Robotic Pool Cleaners NLA No Longer Available
    7 RCX1206 ZHAY5027 Aquavac Stainless Steel Sensor Bar Slide Spring (Use If Weight is Present) for Aquavac Robotic Pool Cleaners  More Info > $16.01

    All Aquavac Parts are Original Aquavac Pool Cleaner Replacement Parts, made by AquaVac Systems, inc.

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