Baby Loc Replacement Parts

When it comes to keeping kids safe, there is no substitute for adult supervision. But no parent can be everywhere, every minute! For the first time, we're offering the new Removable Fencing from Baby Loc by Loop-Loc! It's easy to put up, take down, and it adds the extra measure of protection you need. Fence sections open in a snap for easy parent access.

Standard pool fencing is built to a 4-foot height. Yet it’s clear most toddlers can easily scale a fence this high. BABY LOC meets all ASTM standards and exceed U.S. Consumer Product Guidelines with a height of 4-1/2 feet to better protect your children. Turn any section of your fence into a gate opening - simply provide a fall-back hole wherever you’d like.

    Baby-Loc Aluminum 4' 10" Pole w/ Cap
    Manuf#: BLAP410
    $7.95 Qty.
    Baby-Loc Deck Sleeve w/ Cap
    Manuf#: BLDS
    $5.07 Qty.
    Baby-Loc Aluminum 5' 4" Pole w/ Cap
    Manuf#: BLAP54
    $9.05 Qty.
    Baby-Loc Aluminum 6' Pole w/ Cap
    Manuf#: BLAP6
    $9.76 Qty.
    Baby Loc Brass Eyelets
    Manuf#: BLBE
    $1.26 Qty.
    Baby-Loc Double Ended-Latch
    Manuf#: BLDEL
    $6.40 Qty.
    Baby-Loc Fiberglass 4' 10" Pole w/ Cap
    Manuf#: BLFP410
    $7.07 Qty.
    Baby-Loc Fiberglass 5' 4" Pole w/ Cap
    Manuf#: BLFP54
    $7.95 Qty.
    Baby-Loc Fiberglass 6' Pole w/ Cap
    Manuf#: BLFP6
    $8.84 Qty.



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    Gate Options

    As an option, BABY LOC offers the most reliable self-closing, self-latching gate available. The unique latch uses a powerful magnet which requires very little force to secure. It's also key lockable. Injection molded hinges can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver for just the right amount of force - so the gate closes and latches itself, every time!

    Baby Loc Removable Fencing

    The First Removable Fence from Loop-Loc!

    • 5 Year Warranty: Guaranteed 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Mesh Fence Material: Superior poly-coated, open-weave mesh black fabric offers high tensile strength and excellent UV stability. Won't rip, stretch or fade. Resists mildew, fungi and bacteria. And cleaning is a breeze!
    • Fence Poles: Choice of premium fiberglass or aluminum poles. Both types are non-corrosive, rust-proof, and color-matched to our black fabric
    • Double-Ended Latches: Solid brass double-ended latches with stainless steel spring-loaded trigger mechanism will never rust or corrode
    • Deck Sleeve Caps: Matching, neutral-colored caps fit snugly into deck sleeves when fence is removed
    • Accessories: High-quality black polyester bonded thread adds strength and stability

    Size Information

    In stock we have:

    Whole Fence:
    4.5' high and 5' high vs. 4', 5', 10', 20' long with Fiberglass/ Aluminum Poles
    Step Kits:
    4.5' high and 5' high with choice of pole type
    Magna-Latch Gates:
    Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gate is available at 4.5' high and 5' high
    Replacement, assembly, and add-on parts

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