Big Sucker Leaf Vacuum w/ Brushes - LeafMaster

Remove Heavy Leaf Debris from pools

If you have a problem with leaves in your pool or if you've ever thought about cutting down your 50 year old trees - has the answer. The Leaf Bagger is a device that attaches on the end of your telescopic pole. A standard garden hose is connected to the unit, which creates a venturi effect up and into the large mesh bag attached to the top of your Leaf Bagger.

As you move the Leaf Bagger over leaves and debris of all types, they are sucked up into the included 15"x 21" bag, which is easily removed for emptying. For all pool types.

Big Sucker Leaf Vacuum
Manuf#: 11054B
Item#: A2280
Big Sucker Leaf Vacuum Bag
Item#: A2270

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