Bondex Pool Paint Surface Prep Kit

Bondex Pool Paint Surface Prep Kit

It is important to prepare your pool before you begin painting it, so the paint will adhere and form a strong bond with the pool surface.

Out paint surface prep kit includes everything you need to clean and prepare the surface.

includes 7 lbs of Tri-Sodium Phosphate, and 8 lbs of Sulfamic Acid cleaner, which is safer to use than other pool cleaning acids.

Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) - Removes oily deposits and dirt and is safe and easy to use.

Sulfamic Acid Cleaner - Removes mineral deposits and scale from the pool's surface.

Just follow the instructions and you will have a clean surface ready for painting.

One kit covers 800 sq. ft. of surface area.

Bondex Pool Paint Surface Prep Kit
Item#: A7790
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