Camco Concentrated Anti-Freeze - 32 Oz.

Protect your pool and avoid costly damage from frozen lines with Camco Concentrated Antifreeze.

Camco Concentrated Antifreeze - This non-toxic antifreeze contains 100% Propylene Glycol and is safe for copper, brass and PVC plumbing. And because it’s safe and easy to use, Camco Concentrated Antifreeze will not interfere with other pool chemicals.


  • One quart of Camco Concentrated Antifreeze will make up to 1.25 gallons of antifreeze.
  • Protects your pool lines from freeze damage
  • Safe for all types of pool plumbing
  • Concentrated non-toxic formula
  • Safe and easy to use


Camco Concentrated Anti-Freeze - 32 Oz.
Manufacturer#: 30054
Item#: W1160
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