Cat Flow Sensor (Pressure) - AC060 - CAX-20200

CAX-20200 - AC060 CAT Flow Sensor (Pressure)Disables feeding during low-flow conditions The CAT brand has been synonymous with quality, value and ease of use in the water quality business for over ten years. We led the paradigm shift from analog to digital in the 1990's and are today leading the industry with wireless, web-based water quality management technology.Thousands of swimming pools, spas, water parks and water treatment applications worldwide rely on CAT Controllers to meet their water quality requirements every day. They count on CAT Controllers for years of trouble-free operation and the CAT team to provide customer service, support and technical assistance unmatched in the industry.
Cat Flow Sensor (Pressure) - AC060 - CAX-20200
Manufacturer#: CAX-20200
Item#: ZHAY5017
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