CF-25 / CF-50

Purex-Triton (Pentair)
CF-25 / CF-50

Purex CF-25, CF-50 Cartridge Filter Parts

    No. Mfr. No. Item. No. Description Price Qty:
    1 07-3120 S1 --- Lid w/ Ferrule 716/CF50/60/80 (Special Order) NLA No Longer Available
    1 07-3673 S1 --- Lid, CF25, 40 NLA No Longer Available
    2 07-3658 P2 --- Hold Down Assembly, CF25- CF80 NLA No Longer Available
    3 PA75SV ZCT5060 Pleatco 75 Sq. Ft Replacement Pool Filter Cartridge  More Info > $31.50
    3 PPF40 ZCT5669 Pleatco 40 Sq. Ft Replacement Pool / Spa Filter, Cartridge  More Info > $38.99
    4 07-0324 P0 --- Bottom Adapter NLA No Longer Available
    6 8960 A9100 2in x 1/4in Bottom Mount Plastic Case Pressure Gauge for Swimming Pool Filter Systems  More Info > $8.99
    6 071389 ZPEN5020 Pentair 1/4in x 3in NPT Brass Nipple for Purex D.E. Pool FIlters  More Info > $4.56
    6 071982 ZPEN5090 Pentair 1/4in FPT Brass Tee for Purex Pool FIlters  More Info > $8.42
    6 1208040 --- Pentair 1/4in Air Release Valve for Purex CF Cartridge Pool and Spa Filters NLA No Longer Available
    6 24850-0105 ZPEN0101 Pentair Air Bleeder Valve & Gauge Assembly for Sta-Rite System 3 SD, SM and SS Pool Filters  More Info > $52.21
    7 07-2897 S0 --- Clamp Band 700 Knob Style NLA No Longer Available
    7 070428Z ZPEN7020 Pentair 1/4in-20 x 3.5in T-Bolt (Before 1-1999) for Purex Pool Filters  More Info > $8.39
    7 071136Z ZPEN7021 Pentair Clamp Band Plastic Knob (Before 1-1999)  More Info > $16.30
    8 O-191 ZAPC5024 Tank O-Ring for CF60/80 #700 - Fits 07-1441 P2  More Info > $5.39
    9 07-3435 S2 --- Tank 700/CF25/40/50/60/80 NLA No Longer Available

    Many customers have found item # A9100 to be a suitable replacement for item # 070956. Please note that this is not a direct manufacturer replacement.


    Special Order:

    Please allow 10-14 business days to receive special order items.

    All Purex Cartridge  pool filter parts and listed swimming Pool Filter All Purex Cartridge pool filter parts and listed swimming Pool FilterSpares are original replacement parts for CF Series Pool Filters by Purex (owned by Pentair )

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