Clean and Perfect

The perfect indoor and outdoor cleaner!

Clean and Perfect features powerful natural enzymes and citrus-based surfactants that remove the toughest stains and odors gently and completely from any hard surface or fabric without harm. Clean & Perfect is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, worry free outdoor and household cleaner!  24 oz. bottle.


  • pool tiles & vinyl liners
  • patio furniture & recreational equipment
  • mildew residues & waterline rings
  • leaf stains
  • remove dead insects
  • barbecues & microwave ovens

Clean and Perfect
Manufacturer#: 176
Item#: Y5945



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    Apply Clean & Perfect directly to surface to be cleaned, let stand a few minutes, rub with coarse sponge, and wipe clean. On old set in stains, work into surface with warm water, wait 5 minutes, wipe clean, dry.

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