Clear & Perfect Water Clarifier

Clear and Perfect makes your pool water exceptionally clear and sparkling and does not interfere with your water chemistry. It is the only 6-in-1 clarifier that contains multi-polymers and utilizes all six methods of clarification; agglomeration, compaction, adhesion, coagulation, flocculation and neutralization.

Clear and Perfect's unique 6-way process turns smaller particles into larger compact groups that can be trapped by your filter and removed from your water. Clear and Perfect's highly concentrated, non-toxic formula is made from natural ingredients and its environmentally friendly nature makes it compatible with all pool surfaces and cleaners.

Weekly Dosage: 1 oz. per 6,000 gallons


Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect-1 Quart
Manuf#: 03500
Item#: Y5970
Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect-4 x 1 Quart
Manuf#: 3500
Item#: Y5972

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