Clor Mor Septic Tabs

Clor Mor® Septic Tabs are an economical and convenient alternative to more expensive and harmful liquid or gas chlorine to disinfect wastewater and can be used in all aerobic wastewater treatment systems that use approved feeders. Clor Mor® Septic Tabs are especially formulated to reliably and effectively sanitize residential and commercial wastewater.

When used as directed, in an approved tablet feeder, this product allows the system to meet state and local regulatory disinfection/sanitization requirements. These tablets can disinfect secondary wastewater within fifteen mninutes and are ideal for use in Aerobic Septic Systems, Sewage and Waste Water Applications.

Clor Mor Septic Tabs
Item#: C0001



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    • Dissolve slowly and are highly effective
    • Are convenient and easy to use
    • Leave no residue
    • Continuous chlorine residual aids in killing harmful bacteria
    • 65% Available Chlorine
    • 2-5/8 in. Diameter

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