Cloud Out - 2 lb.

Need an alternative to chlorine for your pool or hot tub? Try Cloud-Out. Cloud-Out is a pool clarifier that is an alternative to liquid pool shock that clears your pool water instantly; is very effective and is totally chlorine free. Cloud-Out contains a powerful sustaining oxidizer and clarifier; is chlorine free and environmentally friendly. It does not affect the water balance and keeps your pool water sparkling clean at all times.

In its strength and effectiveness, Cloud-Out is comparable to Baquacil®, Splashes, Soft Swim® and Revacil, its amazing formula staying active for 7-10 days to actively oxidize and clarify your pool. Cloud-Out is not affected by UV rays and heat; contains dry non-polymer clarifier, and works well with Nature2™, ozone and salt water pool chlorine generators.

Recommended dosage is 1 lb. per 12,000 gallons. To shock or clarify swimming pool water, administer directly across the pool water surface.

Cloud Out - 2 lb.
Manufacturer#: CLOUD OUT 2LB.
Item#: Y7620
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