Cover Guard

Rough edges around the surfaces of your pool can cause your pool cover to rip and tear, making it inadequate in protecting your pool water.

Hinspergers offers Cover Guard, an extraordinary product made from AquaMaster fabric featuring ARMOR KOTE™ coating and superior seam strength to protect your pool cover from rips and tears and adding several years to its life. Cover Guard is resistant to chlorine and other pool chemicals, and is compatible with any material your pool cover is made of.

Cover Guard is simple and easy to use-just unroll the blue/green double-sided fabric over the coping around the edges of your pool before you install your pool cover. Cover Guard comes in a packing of one 2’ x 20’ roll; measure your pool to determine the number of rolls you will need for full coverage.

Cover Guard
Item#: W2655



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    • Made from highly durable AquaMaster fabric with ArmorKote technology for ultimate durability
    • Protects your pool cover from rough pool edges
    • Prevents rips and tears
    • Resistant to chlorine and other chemicals
    • Compatible with any pool cover material
    • Blue and green, double sided
    • Includes one 2' x 20' roll
    • 1-Year Warranty

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