CuLator Metal Remover, Spring Opener And Winter Closer

Swimming pool water contains metals such as copper, iron, lead, silver, nickel, manganese, and cobalt which are a major cause for discoloration and scaling. Copper turns water green; Iron changes water color to brown; Manganese and Magnesium turn water purple or black and also cause hardness and scaling.

CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer immediately and permanently removes metals present in your pool water, leaving your water crystal clear and sparkling.

CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula that is compatible with other pool chemicals, including mineral-based water purification systems. CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer is ideal for both the initial set-up as well as for regular maintenance of your pool.

CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer comes in simple to use cloth bags that are completely sealed; simply place one cloth bag in the skimmer basket and watch CuLator work its magic. Our magic bag removes and seals in the metals and even changes color to indicate that the metals have been removed; just match the color to the included metal identification chart to see which metals were captured and retained by the amazing CuLator bag.

CuLator Winter Closer is specially formulated to rapidly and permanently remove waste metals generated by mineral-based algaecides and water purification systems that have been used during the summer pool season. Ideal for closing your pool for the cold months.

One bag treats pools up to 20,000 gallons.

    CuLator Metal Remover
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