DE Liquid Filter Cleaner

Diatomaceous Earth filters, also known as DE filters, have become very popular over time due to their ability to trap even the tiniest particles of debris and pollutants while allowing water to pass through.DE filters are highly effective for cleaning pool water but pool and spa owners are aware that sediment, algae, bacteria, lotions, hair, oils and other debris can clog the filter cartridges and affect their performance.

Our liquid DE Filter Cleaner is designed for use with all types of DE filters to effectively eliminate grease, oils and built-up debris,helping promote better filtration, longer filter cycles and reduced maintenance costs.

DE Filter Cleaner is easy and convenient to use-just attach the sprayer and evenly coat the elements, then rinse clean; you have an amazingly clean filter with no soaking and no scrubbing.

    Poolcenter DE Liquid Filter Cleaner-1 Quart
    $17.99 Qty.
    Poolcenter DE Liquid Filter Cleaner-4 x 1 Quart
    $69.99 Qty.
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