Deluxe Folding Chair

The Deluxe Folding Chair is a great choice whether you want to relax in your pool or spend a day at the beach. The Deluxe Folding Chair is made from vinyl, boasts of arm rests with cup holders, and a headrest with a built-in pillow for superior support.

The Deluxe Folding Chair also features a transparent top with silver bottom and a soaking hole in the footrest so you can put your feet in the water for a cooling effect. Easy to inflate or deflate, the Deluxe Folding Chair folds for easy storage and is completely portable.



Deluxe Folding Chair
Manufacturer#: 9041
Item#: T0246
Now $16.99 was $19.99



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    • Made from durable vinyl
    • Backrest with pillow
    • Arm rests with cup holders
    • Multi-Chamber inflation
    • Easy to inflate/deflate
    • Measures 63" L x 33" W x 5" H

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