Deluxe Spine Board

Deluxe Spine Board

Molded in high-impact poly-plastic, this uniquely styled spineboard offers the latest in technology.

Features include:

  • Space-age polymer material
  • Stronger and lighter than wooden backboards
  • Extreme rigidity
  • Longboard floats for use in water rescue
  • Clean, non-porous surface that does not absorb fluids
  • Allows stains to be wiped off easily
  • Unique contoured spinal board shape that provides excellent handhold and attachment points for restraint straps
  • Beveled shape allows the Deluxe Spineboard to be used for extrication
  • All long spine boards come with three torso straps
  • Weighs 14 lbs.
  • 72" Long x 16" Wide


    Deluxe Spine Board
    Manuf#: X1198
    $349.99 Qty.
    Head Immobilizer
    Manuf#: X1194
    $94.99 Qty.



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    This Head Immobilizer is easy to use and compatible with all spine boards and lifeguard backboards on the market today. The universal size head immobilizer fits children and adults. It must be used with a Spine Board for complete stabilization of the victim. It is made with vinyl coated Ensolite foam.

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