Deluxe Water Sport Volleyball (All-Purpose)

Deluxe Water Sport Volleyball (All-Purpose)

The Deluxe Water Sport Volleyball is a one-of-a-kind all-purpose sports/volleyball. It's been constructed with the wear and tear of everyday use in mind -- so it's sure to last quite a while.

The ball's neon exterior makes it easy to see while playing; as well as being a nice contribution to accent your colorful swimming pool setup.

The Deluxe Water Sport Volleyball has a diameter of 8.5", which is compact enough to fit nearly anywhere. This ball can be used with any of our volleyball games and is also versatile enough to be used with other sports.

Deluxe Water Sport Volleyball (All-Purpose)
Manufacturer#: 72700
Item#: T9988



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    • High-quality construct
    • 8.5" diameter
    • Ideal for both children and adults
    • Can be used with's volleyball/combo games
    • Bright beautiful color to accent your swimming pool setup
    • Neon color maxamizes visibility
    • Multi-sport compatible & built to last

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