Digital Pool Timer Clock Mechanism

Digital Pool Timer Clock Mechanism

The P1353ME can be installed into almost any Intermatic enclosure and has the ability to program up to three circuits. Choose between six pre-programmed modes of operation, which include single speed pump or 2-speed pump/cleaner pump combinations.

In addition, programmed modes that include auxiliaries can control pumps up to 3 HP as well as underwater, landscape and/or fountain lighting. Countdown and Override features allow cycle interruption when pool/spa service is required. All timing and protection associated with the filter pump/cleaner pump combinations and two-speed pumps has already been integrated into the software.

  • 120 or 208-240 volt input voltage
  • Memory backup
  • Freeze protection available (please call 877-766-5287 for more information)
  • Heater protection (fireman switch)
  • LCD readout
  • Three ON/OFF events per day per circuit
  • Agency approval - CSA/C-US
Digital Pool Timer Clock Mechanism
Manufacturer#: P1353ME
Item#: ZINM1004

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