Diving Board-Glas Hide 10 Ft W/ Hardware #66-209-210

Item Not Shown Above 10 ft Glas-Hide Diving Board - 18\" Wide Used onS.R. Smith Diving Board PartsThese high quality diving boards feature a tough, non-slip colorfast acrylicsurface laminated to a wood core that gives them additional strength anddurability. Our boards meet all NSPI standards. Available in white with whitetrim.A diving appropriate designed pool witha quality S.R. Smith diving board clearly targets the right place to dive safely.The Duro-Beam diving board is designed with a core of dual-laminatedwooden beams running the length of the board. The topside of the board isacrylic with a non-slip finish. The bottom is reinforced with fiberglass foradditional strength and flexibility. These boards are used with the La Mesabase.Back To S.R. Smith Diving Board Parts
Diving Board-Glas Hide 10 Ft W/ Hardware #66-209-210
Manufacturer#: 66-209-210S2-1
Item#: ZSRS3064
No Longer Available

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