Drain King for Pools


This Drain King is for kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers or washingmachines lines.
Drain King fits pipes from 1.5in to 3in in diameter. Used to clear clogged pipes or to pressurize pipes or equipment for help locating an air leak. Screws onto any garden hose, insert into pipe and turn on hose. Rubber body expands to tightly fit the inside of the pipe, blocking any leakage.

To unclog drains or skimmers, remove the pump lid and insert the drain king into the pipe that comes into the pump. Turn on hose and close other suction valves which are not being pressurized. Using a plug or tennis ball at the skimmer will allow pressure to build-up if for a few seconds if needed, to create a water hammer effect.

To locate an air leak on a pool pump, insert the drain king into the skimmer and close the return valves or set a multiport valve in the Closed position. The area that is leaking water while under pressure will leak air when the pump is on (for pipes in front of the pump).

Drain Kings can also be used to prime pumps that have difficulty catching prime due to air leaks or a high location above the pool water surface. 
Drain King for Pools
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