EasySkim - Floating Skimmer

Finally an affordable no strain floating surface skimming net!

EasySkim consists of a float assembly with a custom designed "perpendicular to the pole" skimmer net. It's as easy as 1,2,3. Just float EasySkim out past debris, drop net into the water and pull back to capture surface debris effortlessly, with no lifting or back straining.

No more back-straining fatigue from reaching out and manipulating a leaf skimmer on the end of a long pole. Because EasySkim floats it is just as easy to use way out as it is close in. Young and old can operate it as well as the strongest pool professional.

  • Easy Operation
  • Long-reaching net requires very little strength
  • The most effective affordable skimmer on the market!
  • Frame Included


EasySkim Pool Skimmer
Manuf#: ES-T645
Item#: A9731
No Longer Available
EasySkim - Replacement Net
Manuf#: ESN-T645
Item#: A9730

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