Eclipse 3 Ejector Pool Filter Cleaner - 32 oz.

Your filter worked great when it was new but over time you have noticed a lack in its efficiency. With constant use, mineral deposits and dirt build-up and become trapped in your pool’s filter. This clogs the filter and affects its efficiency.

Eclipse 3 Ejector is a concentrated, biodegradable, and phosphate-free chemical that loosens scum and scale, and cleans sand, cartridge and DE filters. Eclipse 3 Ejector works by dissolving and dislodging the mineral deposits from your filter’s walls so your filter keeps working at its maximum capacity. It is recommended to use 32 oz. per 17,000 gallons of water every time you backwash your filter.

Eclipse 3 Ejector Pool Filter Cleaner - 32 oz.
Manufacturer#: 952735
Item#: Y1727
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