Eclipse3 Enforce Scale & Stain Remover

Eclipse3 Enforce is an all-natural mineral treatment for your swimming pool water that helps to remove and prevent stains and scales and helps control metal buid-up in your pool water.

Enforce bonds with dissolved metals in the water to prevent the formation of scales and helps to lift existing scale and metallic stains. It is recommended to be used when water hardness exceeds 50 ppm or before chlorination while pool is being filled.

Using Enforce prior to adding Eclipse3 Algicide will also prevent existing metals from creating stains. Recommended start-up dose is 32-fl. oz. per 20,000 gallons of water and maintenance dose is 5-fl. oz. per 15,000 gallons each week. Available in 1 quart plastic bottle.
    Eclipse3 Algaecide Plus - 2 lb Bottle
    Manuf#: 952732
    $22.99 Qty.
    Eclipse3 Algaecide Plus - 8.8 lb.
    Manuf#: 952732
    $69.99 Qty.
    Eclipse3 Emerge Shock & Clarifier - 2 lb. Bottle
    Manuf#: 952734
    $14.99 Qty.
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