Epoxy Bond Pool Putty (Set)

Epoxy Bond Pool Putty is an amazing epoxy pool putty you can shape in your hands. Just cut, mix and fix. There's no need to drain the pool to repair leaks and cracks because Pool Putty hardens underwater. Once cured, it stays white, will not yellow, nor will it shrink or sag. We offer Black Pool Putty and White Pool Putty.


  • Stop leaks around skimmers
  • Fill cracks in pool shell
  • Restore chipped tile
  • Packaged in convenient cartridges for a 1:1 mix.

This set includes Pool Putty Resin (WHITE) and Pool Putty Hardener.

Pool Putty - Black Putty Set
Manuf#: 530317
Item#: 530317
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Pool Putty - White Putty Set
Manuf#: 530318
Item#: A9948

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