FilterGlass Sand Filter Media Alternative - 50 lbs.

FilterGlass Sand Filter Media Alternative - 50 lbs.

More effective, and more efficient than Filter Sand!!

FilterGlass Sand Filter Media is an alternative to traditional sand media and is better at removing particulates and debris from your pool water. FilterGlass lets you run your filter system less with better results; which makes for longer equipment life, reduced energy use, and lower utility and pool maintenance costs. FIlterGlass also lets you back-wash more efficiently, so you waste less pool water.

FilterGlass Sand Filter Media Alternative - 50 lbs.
Manufacturer#: COARSE
Item#: A6350



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    • Performs better than sand (filters to 2-5 microns versus standard 50-100 microns for sand)
    • FilterGlass media requires 20% less media than sand
    • FilterGlass cleans better, for less energy use and reduced pump operating costs
    • Uses 75% less back-wash water versus sand (and 50% less versus Zeolite)
    • Excellent for iron and manganese removal at high flow rates (90 GPM)
    • Less likely to block or channel than silica sand
    • Compatible with coagulants and metal removers
    • 70% of all bacteria, skin, and blood
    • Safer to use than traditional Sand Media - contains no crystalline silica for better lung protection when changing media
    • Grains are smooth, amorphous, and have a higher attraction strength than Sand media
    • Will not permanently trap bacteria in cracks
    • FilterGlass is available in 50 lb. boxes

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