Floating Spa Cover Protector

You have covered your spa while it is not being used and consider it fully protected, but there are elements that can still damage your spa UNDERCOVER. When the spa is not in use for an extended period of time, ozone gas starts to collect underneath the cover and begins to damage it on the underside.

Horizon Ventures Spa Cover Protector is a lightweight thermal blanket that floats between your spa cover and the water acting as a barricade and protecting your cover from the damaging effects of harsh ozone.The Spa Cover Protector also shields your spa cover from the chemicals in your spa water, as well as reducing water evaporation to limit the loss of heat and chemicals.
The Spa Cover Protector is made from a closed cell insulating foam, bonded to an impervious layer of an advanced polymer material. This unique composition resists the absorption of moisture and chemicals.

Floating Spa Cover Protector 8 x 6 ft.
Manuf#: S7300
Item#: S7300
Floating Spa Cover Protector 8 x8 ft.
Manuf#: S7305
Item#: S7305
Floating Spa Cover Protector 9 x9 ft.
Manuf#: S7310
Item#: S7310
Floating Spa Cover Protector 9 x 12 ft.
Manuf#: S7315
Item#: S7315

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• 1/4" Thick Closed Cell Foam
• Extends Spa Cover Life
• Saves Energy
• Saves Chemicals
• Does Not Absorb Moisture
• Light Weight
• Seamless One Piece Design
• Rolls Up For Easy Storage
• Available in reversible blue/black color

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