FLOLight Wireless Pool Light

Powered by the water flow and without the hassle of wires and electrical outlets, the FLOLight is an innovation in pool lighting technology. The FLOLight features 8 LEDs and can be used to create a special ambience in your pool.

Easy-to-install FLOLight fits easily into a standard 1-1/2” pool return line and does not obstruct water flow.


  • Instant pool lighting
  • Powered by water flow
  • 8 long-lasting LED’s
  • Directional eyeball
  • Does not require electrical wires or outlets
  • Fits standard 1 ½” pool return
  • Easy DIY installation
FLOLight Wireless Pool Light
Manuf#: 24737
Item#: A2910
FLOLight Color Lens Kit
Manuf#: 24739
Item#: A2912

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