GLI Pool ChillLite Pool Lights with Zoey Remote Control

If you're looking to enhance your pool, deck or backyard with soft, ambient lighting, then look no further. ChillLites Pool and Patio Lighting provide a beautiful decorative glow to any area.

This nifty light is equipped with an LED lamp and rechargeable battery. With no cords or hardwiring, feel free to rearrange the lights however you want, whenever you want. And being both UV and chlorine resistant, they can create a calming ambiance while floating in your pool as well.

Each ChillLite comes equipped with a Loon magnetic bulb, which can be removed and used as an in-pool light for soft-sided, steel wall above and in ground pools. Each loon will last up to 40,000 hours and radiate red, green, blue and white shades, automatically fading from one color to the next.

GLI ChillLite Pool Light - Kokoon
Manuf#: 75-KOK-R-13141
Item#: A4000
No Longer Available
GLI ChillLite Pool Light - Bubble
Manuf#: 75-BUB-1-13121
Item#: A4002
GLI ChillLite Pool Light - Bubble (3 - Pack)
Manuf#: 75-BUB-3-13123
Item#: A4004
No Longer Available
GLI ChillLite Pool Light - Balloon
Manuf#: 75-BAL-R-13131
Item#: A4006
GLI Pool ChillLite Pool Light - Kube
Manuf#: 75-CUB-R-13151
Item#: A4008
GLI ChillLite - Loon Pool Light
Manuf#: 75-LON-1-13111
Item#: A4010
GLI ChillLite - Zoey Remote Control
Manuf#: 75-RMC-13103
Item#: A4014
GLI ChillLite - Replacement Battery
Manuf#: 75-BAT-13101
Item#: A4016
GLI ChillLite - Replacement Charger
Manuf#: 75-CHG-13102
Item#: A4018

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  • Designed to be completely hassle-free
  • Equipped with the Zoey remote control, capable of controlling up to 100 lights from approximately 30 feet away!
  • NOTE: Zoey Remote Controller - 3 Volt Lithium Ion (CR2032)

Available in four unique styles:

Kokoon - Standing at 12" tall by 12.5" wide, this Kokoon model offers a very stylish look while easily illuminating a range of up to 30 feet!

Bubble - With a 10" diameter, this Bubble model offers a fun look for any occasion, while easily illuminating a range of up to 30 feet!

Balloon - Standing at 13.7" wide, this Balloon model offers a subtle, yet noticeable addition to your backyard or pool, while easily illuminating a range of up to 30 feet!

Kube - Standing at 13.7" wide and 13.7" tall, this Kube model creates an incredibly unique look, that grabs attention immediately while it illuminates a range of up to 30 feet!

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