GLI Safety Fence Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for Cantar In-ground Fencing by GLI

3' x 4' Protect-A-Pool Removable Gate
Manuf#: 4300650
Item#: B3999
Inground Removable Pool Safety Fence Section - 4' x 10'
Manuf#: 4300500
Item#: B4000
GLI Estate Plastic Deck Plug
Manuf#: 4300522
Item#: B4002
GLI Estate Plastic Deck Sleeve
Manuf#: 4300523
Item#: B4004
Protect-A-Pool Removable Fence Drilling Guide
Manuf#: 4300520
Item#: B4005
Protect a Pool Safety Vinyl Post Cap Black
Manuf#: 4300525
Item#: ZGLI5000
4' Fence Support Pole Black
Manuf#: 99-34-4300532
Item#: ZGLI5001
5' Fence Support Pole Black
Manuf#: 4300533
Item#: ZGLI5002
Protect a Pool Inground Fence Hook and Eye
Manuf#: 4300566
Item#: ZGLI5003

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Installation VideoView the Cantar In Ground Pool Safety Fence Installation Video. Learn about materials and tools you might need.

Cantar In Ground Removable Swimming Pool Safety Fence  

Full Warranty

Cantar Inground Removable Pool Safety Fence by GLI is covered by a five-year limited warranty/one-year full. We recommend reading the Warranty Guide.

Attached to the Warrany Guide is the Warranty Registration Sheet which you must submit in order to receive your full warranty.

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Owner's InstructionsComprehensive details about installation, sizing and maintaining your Inground Removable Pool Fence.

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Protect-A-Pool In-Ground Removable Safety Fence


Measure Your Pool

Use chalk, rope or yarn to outline your pool fence on the concrete or concrete pavers (Deck sleeves must be put into at least 2" depth of concrete or pressure treated wood). If possible, leave at least 2 feet of walkway inside and outside fenced areas. Strive for straight runs, installation is easier with fewer curves and turns.

Decide if you want the safety fence for pool and deck use, or if you would like to fence area(s) for pool patio furniture, pool floats or pool games or just more people.

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Removable Pool Gate

The Cantar Removable Safety Fence includes a highly recommended option for the Removable Gate. The gate makes for easy access in/out of your pool entrance way. The Cantar Removable Gate includes a frame with mesh attached, a pair of posts, magna latch, hinge kit and anchoring hardware. Very highly recommended.

The package ships in 3 cartons (gate box, post box and magna latch box). Choose between 36" x 48" or 36" x 60". The Removable comes in a "Designer Black" finish.

» View Removable Gate


Pool Gate Drilling Guide

Buy the Drilling Guide! The Cantar In-Ground Removable Safety Fence installation calls for a Drilling Guide that will accommodate nearly any Rotary Hammer Drill to help ensure proper drilling angle and depth on every hole. Drilling Guide is required for Cantar Pool Safety Fence installation to drill the holes at proper angles.

To insure proper installation, make sure you follow the guide closely. The Drilling Guide, fence materials, and all replacement accessories are located on this page.» Cantar Drilling Guide

  • Key Features

  • » Unlatches in seconds for easy pool access
  • » Optional removable self-closing gate available
  • » Removes & reinstalls in minutes with ordinary hammer drill
  • » Transparent panels provide climb resistant surface
  • » No toeholds, fingerholds or hassles
  • » Durable baked-on TGIC powder coat finish
  • » Ideally suited for just about any environment
  • » Stainless steel screws and hardware won't rust
  • » Exceeds OSHA test standards

Pool Safety GLI'S Removable Protect-A-Pool fencing system is the easiest way to keep your swimming pool safe from unwanted intrusion of children, pets or stray animals. While easy to install and remove, our patent pending pole design can withstand over 200 lbs. of pressure - stronger than the competition!Pool Fence Assembly The Cantar In-Ground Safety Fence has assembly hardware that comes included with the purchase of Protect-A-Pool Fencing sections. Fencing sections come pre-assembled. Included hardware consists of:Deck sleeves • Hole covers • Vinyl pole caps •
Hook & eye • Measuring template • Installation instructions

Sizes & Specifications Choose between 4' and 5' high fence sections. Fencing sections can be modified to accommodate shorter lengths. 10' adjustable heights are also available. All necessary replacement accessories are currently in stock and ready to ship.

Support If you're in need of assistance with material and installation requirements, warranty information or have any general inquiries regarding your Protect-A-Pool Fence, please contact our expert technical support team to get the answers you're looking for.


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