Grit Gitter

The Grit Gitter is small and easy to use. It fits easily in a woman's hand and was designed for one-handed use. Its highly optimized hydraulic design provides incredible suction for its small size.

Get the Grit While You Sit
The Grit Gitter was designed to be used while relaxing in the hot tub, which is when people are typically most aware of grit.

Easy to Clean
To clean the Grit Gitter, simply open the unit, fill the bulb with water, and pour the water over the screen.

Storing the Grit Gitter
The Grit Gitter is small and easily stored in or around the hot tub or pool. It may be simply left floating in between uses.


    Grit Gitter
    $19.99 Qty.
    Grit Getter Stretch
    Manuf#: GG120
    Item#: A1996
    $29.99 Qty.



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    Filter Compartment Use
    The Grit Gitter is great for cleaning your hot tub's filter compartment.

    How does the Grit Gitterwork?
    Just submerge the Grit Gitter under water and squeeze to release air. Then simply squeeze the bulb and move it over the grit. As the Grit Gitter refills itself with water, sand & debris are sucked up into the Grit Gitter filter screen. Easy!

    Do you love the Original Grit Gitter but dont want to get wet?
    No problem! We have the perfect solution for you! The Grit Gitter Stretch (pictured to the left) allows you to clean without getting into the water. The extender portion can be removed to convert it to the 9"-long Grit Gitter. It's perfect for vacuuming pool steps, splasher pools, spas, and hot tubs!

    Customized Reach
    Replace the Grit Gitter Stretch's yellow tube with a standard 1" PVC pipe cut to any length you want.

    Already own a Grit-Getter?
    Meet the Grit Gitter Reacher! (pictured to the right) Snaps easily and quicly on to your Grit Gitter so you can clean your spa without getting wet. Allows you to get the deeper areas of your spa. 21" long.

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