Hayward 2" Inground Skimmer

Hayward 2

Designed for both vinyl and fiberglass pools, Hayward 2" Inground Skimmer features an automatic bypass for low water conditions, adjustable cover collar that allows for 2-1/2" vertical adjustment, snap-in weir that adjusts automatically to water level variations of up to 4-1/2", a large debris basket, and a Flo-Control slide plate.


  • The cover collar allows for 2-1/2" vertical adjustment
  • Snap-in weir will adjust automatically to a 4-1/2" variation in the water level
  • Float/by-pass valve available
  • For both vinyl and fiberglass pools

Hayward 2" Inground Skimmer
Manufacturer#: SP1084
Item#: E1850
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