Hayward Above Ground Skimmers

Featuring a heavy-duty composite plastic construction, the Hayward 1.5-inch In-Ground Auto Skim is ideal for pulling in floating objects and helping you maintain a clean pool. The Hayward 1.5-inch In-Ground Auto Skim features a cover collar that allows for 2-1/2” vertical adjustment, a snap-in weir that adjusts automatically to 4-1/2” variation in water level, and works in both fiber and vinyl pools.


  • Made from heavy duty plastic
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Adjusts to 4-1/2” variation in water level
  • Float/bypass valve available


Hayward Aboveground Widemouth Skimmer
Manuf#: SP1091WM
Item#: E1846
Skimmer Vinyl W/Accessory Pak
Manuf#: SP1091LX
Item#: E1860
Hayward SPX1091C Skimmer Basket for SP1091LX and Widemouth SP1091WM
Manuf#: SPX1091C
Item#: ZHAY0282

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