Hayward Booster Pump

For pressure cleaner applications, Hayward's booster pump is the most aftermarket friendly and energy efficient booster pump in the industry. The pump greatly increases a cleaning systems ability to propel and circulate water, providing the power needed to thoroughly clean your pool.

The Hayward booster pump uses up to 40% less electricity than other booster pumps and is remarkably quiet. Backed by a 1-year warranty, its sleek design and 1-1/2 unions allow for easy installation and service. Suitable for any pressure cleaner requiring a booster pump it's designed with a tall mounting base for increased motor ventilation and flood protection.


  • The most energy efficient booster pump in the industry - Up to 40% less electricity than other booster pumps. Reduces cost of operation for pool owner
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Easy installation - 1.5in union fittings for improved performance, easy installation and servicing.
  • 3/4in hose barb union adapters allow for easy retro fit to existing installations using flexible hose for booster pump connections
  • Tall motor base allows for increased motor ventilation as well as protection from flooding
  • Suitable for all pressure cleaners requiring a booster pump
Hayward 3/4 HP Booster Pump
Manuf#: 6060
Item#: E1080
Hayward 3/4 HP Booster Pump Hose Kit
Manuf#: 6060HKIT
Item#: ZHAY5012

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Note: Does not include optional 3/4" retrofit hose kit, part number 6060HKIT

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Hayward Booster Pump Technical Specifications

Model Total H.P. Rated H.P. Service Factor Voltage Amps Weight
6060 1.25 0.75 1.67 208-230/115 6.9-6.8/13.3 31 lbs.




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Data Sheet


  • Total HP -1.25
  • Rated HP -0.75
  • ServiceFactor - 1.67
  • Voltage -208-230/115


Trouble Shooting
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