Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL In Ground Pool Cleaner

The Pool Vac Ultra XL Suction Cleaner by Hayward features wider, longer wearing wings and is programmed with AquaPilot steering that drives the Pool Vac Ultra XL in an alternating series of right and left-hand turns to make sure that your pool is cleaned efficiently. This AquaPilot steering will clean your pool faster and better than other automatic pool cleaners. The AquaPilot steering can have your pool cleaned in under 3 to 4 hours.

The Pool Vac Ultra XL is quiet, efficient and not to mention stylish! It will provide years of satisfying performance, keeping your pool clean and enjoyable.

    Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL for Concrete Pools
    Manuf#: 2025ADC
    $399.00 Qty.
    Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL for Vinyl Pools
    Manuf#: 2025ADV
    $399.00 Qty.
    Hayward Slotted Santoprene Shoes - 4 pack
    Manuf#: AXV014SP
    Item#: ZHAY0046
    Now $16.48 was $17.35 Qty.
    Hayward Pod Shoes - Vinyl (4 Pack) for Navigator and Pool Vac Pool Cleaners - AXV413P
    Manuf#: AXV413P
    Item#: ZHAY0049
    Now $16.85 was $17.74 Qty.
    Hayward Pod Shoes - Concrete (4 Pack) for Navigator and Pool Vac Pool Cleaners - AXV414P
    Manuf#: AXV414P
    Item#: ZHAY0050
    Now $11.99 was $12.20 Qty.
    Wing Kit White - Right & Left - Hayward - Automatic Cleaners
    Manuf#: AXV604WHP
    Item#: ZHAY0055
    Now $9.99 was $10.89 Qty.
    Hayward Adapter/ Skimmer Cone - replaces AXV093C
    Manuf#: AXV093CP
    Item#: ZHAY5246
    Now $11.41 was $12.01 Qty.



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    • For in-ground residential pools (vinyl, gunite, fiberglass)
    • Exclusive AquaPilot programmed steering pattern
    • Quiet operation and gentle movement across the pool floor
    • Wider cleaning path handles debris such as sand, twigs, leaves, pebbles
    • Longer wearing components for years of performance
    • Wide side wings increase pool coverage speed by 10%
    • Installs in less than 10 minutes, without tools
    • Includes 40 foot hose
    • Two year limited warranty

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