Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate-Small

Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate-Small

Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate helps improve the efficiency of your in ground suction style pool cleaner. The Skimmer Vacuum Plate functions by automatically alternating between skimming and vacuuming, cleaning your pool thoroughly with each cycle. Constructed from reinforced ABS and featuring a pressure relief valve for safety, Skimmer Vacuum Plate is an invaluable cleaning tool. Each unit comes complete with a vacuum gauge, adjustable standpipe and fingertip dial for easy adjustments.

Small size is designed for use with Hayward SP1082, SP1084, SP1085 and Pac-Fab Skim Clean skimmers.

Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate-Small
Manufacturer#: W490R
Item#: E1836

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