Hayward Tri-Star Variable Speed Pump

Hayward Tri-Star Variable Speed Pump

Control your water flow and your electric bill at the same time.

TriStar Energy Efficient Pool Pumps allow you to adjust your flow from invigorating to the most relaxing experience. In your pool, you can adjust the waterfall from cascading falls to a quiet, relaxing trickle.

TriStar Energy Efficient Pumps improve water circulation quality and is amazingly quiet. The efficiency story isn't just that you can reduce the TriStar's speed, but that TriStar® is unsurpassed in hydraulic efficiency at any speed.

Hayward Tri-Star Variable Speed Pump
Item#: SP322063EEV



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    Additionally, the TriStar Variable Speed Pump is the most advanced residential filtration pump with a cam and ramp strainer cover that can be removed with just a quarter of a turn, a crystal-clear strainer cover to see when the basket needs to be emptied, a supersized basket to extend the time between cleanings, 2" X 2½" unions for easy service, drain plugs that don't require tools to remove and it is molded of corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic. Energy Efficient Pump savings can pay back in 2-5 years. Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to filtration pumps, bigger is NOT better! It is not about horsepower, it is all about water flow.

    Running your filtration pump at slower speeds for longer periods of time can save you up to 30% to 70% on your electric bill. And because you are moving the water more slowly and under less pressure, your pump will be quieter and your entire filtration system and plumbing will last longer. By customizing each speed to each pool function, you consume just enough electricity to perform each task - filter your water, disperse chemicals, operate an automatic cleaner, and adjust spa or water feature flow. While bigger is not better for filtration pumps, it is better for your pool's plumbing and filter.

    Larger pipes (2" to 2½" and larger); fewer, less restrictive fittings; and a clean filter will optimize your electrical savings, because the easier it is for the pump to move water through your pool's plumbing, the less electricity it will consume. And that can add up to hundreds of dollars per year in savings! Larger filters also require less frequent cleaning. Features Energy Savings up to 70% - Complies with California Title 20 Requirements 2" X 2-1/2" unions for easy service. Made of corrosion proof reinforced thermoplastic.



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    Hayward Tri-Star Variable Speed Pump Technical Specifications

    Model NumberTotal H.P.Full Rate H.P.Service FactorVoltagePipe SizeDim "A"Ctn. Qty.Ctn. Weight









    51 lbs.

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