iBall Velocity Return Fitting

Ideal for swimming pools with multi-speed pumps, the iBall Velocity is a self-regulating return fitting that automatically opens and closes in order to maintain steady water pressure when the pump changes speed or the filter becomes clogged. iBall Velocity is made of soft silicone, and supports a low-speed pump operation, saving you money on utility and chemical costs.


  • Self-regulating variable orifice design
  • Improved agitation at low speed
  • Automatically opens or closes based on pump speed
  • Self-adjusts if filter is clogged
  • Saves money since you can run your pump on low speed longer
  • Maintains efficient flow so less pool maintenance and chemicals are needed
iBall Velocity Return Fitting - White Male Thread 1.5" OD
Manuf#: IWHMT151
Item#: A1960
iBall Velocity Return Fitting - White Slip 1.5" OD
Manuf#: IWHSL151
Item#: A1962
No Longer Available
iBall Velocity Return Fitting - White Slip Flush 1.5" OD
Manuf#: IWHSF151
Item#: A1964

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