Ice & Skate Ice Rink

Bring all the fun of an ice rink to your backyard with our new Ice & Skate Ice Rinks!

Whether you're playing hockey, figure skating or just learning to skate, our Ice & Skate Ice Rinks include everything you need to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland. Ice & Skate rinks are quick and easy to install. They feature a durable PVC border system that protects the liner from ice skates, yet is lightweight and easy to store. Ice & Skate portable ice rinks will provide your family with years of winter fun!

Our unique design allows Ice & Skate rinks to be adapted to the size of your yard and can even be installed on uneven ground. Best of all, no tools are required for installation.


    Ice and Skate Backyard Ice Rink - 15 x 26 Ft
    Manuf#: P4224
    No Longer Available
    Ice and Skate Backyard Ice Rink - 19 x 26 Ft
    Manuf#: P4226
    No Longer Available
    Ice and Skate Backyard Ice Rink - 19 x 33 Ft
    Manuf#: P4228
    No Longer Available



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    • Contains the water in case of thaw or rain.
    • Protects your grass against damage.
    • Allows for a longer skating season.
    • Adaptable to your yard size.
    • Made of high quality materials for strength and durability.
    • Comes with a step-by-step instruction guide for quick and easy installation.
    • Includes heavy duty liner & flexible PVC tubing to protect the liner.
    • Comes with hockey lines (1 red, 2 blue)
    • No tools required.
    • Folds easily for storage in the off-season.


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