In-Ground Arctic Defender Plus II Pool Covers - 20 X 44ft Rectangle

The Top Of The Line - Arctic Defender Plus II - In-Ground Pool Cover

SAVE 10% on Double Water Tubes! When purchased with an in-ground pool cover.

This cover has the heaviest, tightest and strongest woven triple laminate available! Its Inner scrim is topped by a premium extra-thick polyethylene weather resistant coating. This makes our Arctic Defender Plus II winter pool cover extremely durable and highly resistant to U.V., acids, alkalis, salt, mildew, chlorine and temperatures down to -50 Degrees Fahrenheit! The silver fabric on top works in combination with a black bottom layer to prevent light penetration, inhibiting algae growth. This unique silver layer also deflects heat and keeps the pool water cooler which also helps prevent algae growth.

Arctic Defender Plus II winter covers are made with extra-wide fabric to have fewer seams so they are less likely to tear, extending their lifespan. All seams are heat-sealed (not sewn) to prevent water from seeping through the cover into your swimming pool!

Keep leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris from contaminating your pool during the off season with an Arctic Defender Plus II in-ground pool cover and spring opening will be a breeze. In addition, our arctic defender covers for in-ground swimming pools can prevent damage to your pool walls and surfaces by protecting your pool from falling debris in even the nastiest winter weather.

    Arctic Defender Plus II Winter Cover - 20 X 44 Ft. Rectangle (Pool Size) No Water Tubes
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    Arctic Defender Plus II Winter Cover 20 X 44 Ft. Rectangle (Pool Size) Water Tubes Included
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    • Silver coating on top deflects heat to keep your water cooler and works in conjunction with a black colored bottom layer to prevent light penetration to reduce algae growth.
    • Offers an extra large 5 foot overlap for a better fit.
    • Exceptionally lightweight, making installation on your swimming pool a snap!
    • Rugged, heavy-duty water bag loops are conveniently placed every 4 ft. to help hold water tubes firmly in place!
    • Please order by pool size! (All covers accommodate an 18-inch water drop.)
    • 16-Year Warranty (4 Full Years)
    • Available with or without dual chamber water tubes.


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