In Ground Lid'l Seal Winter Kit

Protect your skimmer from ice damage without the hassle of lowering water level in your pool and prolong the life of your winter cover with the Lid’l Seal IG Winter Kit. The Lid’l Seal IG Winter Kit features a built-in ridge that helps protect the pool wall and structure from damage and corrosion when the pool is not being used.

The Lid’l Seal IG Winter Kit includes everything you need to seal out water and is super easy to install – just replace your existing skimmer faceplate with the SkimSaver faceplate and snap on the lid as simple as that.


  • Prevent freeze damage
  • Save water
  • Easy installation
  • Includes skimmer faceplate and lid
  • Comes in Standard & Wide mouth models



    Standard In Ground Lid'l Seal Winter Kit
    Manuf#: AG200
    $24.99 Qty.
    Widemouth In Ground Lid'l Seal Kit
    Manuf#: AG250
    No Longer Available
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