In-Line Replacement Anode 2" Diameter

In-Line Anodes

In-Line Anodes, also called sacrificial anodes, are an economical way to save stainless steel ladders, pool lights, and pool heater cores from corrosion that may happen in pools that use salt system for sanitization. Your pool’s PH, temperature, total alkalinity, chlorine levels, salt levels and improper metal bonding can cause corrosion and damage your expensive equipment.
Use the In-Line Anodes that are made from Mil Spec Zinc and have a high surface to better cover and protect your equipment. The In-Line Anodes connect directly to your pool heater or steel filter, and are vented for easy installation. 

In-Line Replacement Anode 2" Diameter
Manufacturer#: TN-200
Item#: ZPCA0011
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•    Made from Mil Spec Zinc
•    High surface area for maximum coverage
•    Available for 1.5" (with 1" anode) and 2" (with 2" anode) plumbing
•    1” model has 24 square inches of surface area and weighs .5 lbs.
•    2” model has 54 square inches of surface area and weighs 1.4 lbs.
•    Easy installation

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