InferFab Rust Buster Sacrificial Zinc Anode

InferFab Rust Buster Sacrificial Zinc Anode

Protect your rails and ladders with a sacrificial zinc anode.

Why do I need a sacrificial zinc anode in my salt pool?

In a salt pool, any time you have different types of metals (i.e. stainless steel, copper, etc.), you essentially create a battery. There will be some amount of current that flows between the different metals. That current is comprised of electrons that are provided by one of the metals. That metal will sacrifice fragments of itself in the form of metal ions to the pool water, which is a process called electrolysis. Metal erosion and the discoloration of plaster are negative impacts caused by electrolysis.

The most effective way to slow down the process of electrolysis is to use a sacrificial zinc anode on your pool rails. Zinc is a metal that will sacrifice its metal ions in pool water at a faster rate than other metals. The sacrificial zinc anode will provide some protection against your pool rails and slow the corrosion rate down for your stainless steel rails and ladders.

Inter-Fab sacrificial anodes are easy to install.... 2 bolts... 2 minutes.

InferFab Rust Buster Sacrificial Zinc Anode
Manufacturer#: ANODE
Item#: ZIFA1000

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