Inflatable Folding Chair

Bring style and comfort to your pool with the Inflatable Folding Chair that is versatile enough to be used in your pool or on your deck or patio. The Inflatable folding chair features a durable vinyl construction, arm and back rests, pillow, elongated footrest, and a large seating area for ultimate relaxation.

The Inflatable Folding Chair boasts of multi-chamber inflation that ensures maximum buoyancy and has a transparent top and silver bottom with eye-catching yellow accent stripes. Whether you are just floating or tanning, you cannot go wrong with the Inflatable Folding Chair.


Inflatable Folding Chair
Manufacturer#: 9040
Item#: T0244



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    • Durable vinyl construction
    • Arm and back rests
    • Built-in pillow
    • Transparent top with Silver bottom
    • Yellow accent stripes
    • Multi- chamber inflation
    • Measures 65" L X 31" W X 18" H


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