Inflatable UFO Spaceship Squirter

Earth to mothership. Earth to mothership. Pool sighted, prepare for fun!

Swimline's UFO Pool Squirter is sure to be a hit with the kids! Watch their imaginations at work as they play having interstellar adventures. Perhaps one child as the engineer and another as the Captain of their own spaceship.

Get two for twice the fun with space ship battles!

Inflatable UFO Spaceship Squirter
Manufacturer#: 9078
Item#: T0013
No Longer Available
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The UFO Squirter is a kid friendly pool toy that lets the kids' creativity float and is sturdy enough to play along with the creative games kids may have in mind. With Swimline's Spaceship Squirter, kids can be the kings of their own planets, outwitting alien adversaries.


  • Includes squirt gun
  • Measures: 44.50" X 25.50" X 39.75"


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