Infusion Venturi Return Line Fitting

Infusion Venturi return line fittings feature an advanced design that helps improve water circulation in your pool so chemicals and heat are distributed equally. Infusion Venturi return line fittings also help improve the performance of your skimmer and automatic pool cleaner by sweeping debris towards the main drain. Infusion Venturi return line fittings also help you save on utility costs since you run your pump at lower speed for a longer period of time.

    Infusion Venturi Return Fitting Threaded 1.5 inch-A1970
    Manuf#: A1970
    $19.99 Qty.



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    • Improve efficiency of skimmers and automatic pool cleaners
    • Reach far spots, steps, and benches
    • Sweep debris towards the main drain
    • Provide increased flow to complement variable and multi-speed pumps
    • Pulls warm surface water to the bottom of the pool resulting in more efficient overall heating
    • Fitting can be turned upward or downwards


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