Insparations Spa Fragrance

Make your Spa experience unique and refreshing with Insparations Spa Fragrances. With four great scents to choose from you can enjoy your spa or hot tub in a number of ways.

InSPArations Spa Fragrances will relax your tired muscles,will melt away the stress and will lift your spirit-unwinding and sailing you to an ocean of pure relaxation and invigoration. Since InSPAration fragrances are made from natural oils and are absolutely alcohol free, you will step out of the spa with your skin feeling soft and moisturized. These fragrances are non-foaming, will not affect your spa's water chemistry and are safe for all spa surfaces.

Whether you are thinking of a paradise island getaway, an adventure in wonderland, or simply an escapade into la-la land, InSPArations Spa Fragrances have scents that will transport you to your mental destination in no time. InSPArations has crafted the finest aromatherapy liquid fragrances for hot tubs and spas.These exhilarating fragrances will rejuvinate you with every whiff creating a rich, soothing spa rendevous that you had never experienced before.

    Insparations Spa Fragrance - Hawaiian Sunset.
    Manuf#: 9OZ.BTL.HAW.SUNSET
    $11.99 Qty.
    Insparations Spa Fragrance - April Shower
    $10.99 Qty.
    Insparations Spa Fragrance - Rain
    Manuf#: 9OZ.BTL.RAIN
    No Longer Available
    Insparations Spa Fragrance - Tranquility
    $11.99 Qty.
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